Infant-Parent Psychotherapy

Infant-parent psychotherapy involves working closely with the infant and parent together. This method is helpful when dealing with problems of attachment or bonding, infants who are difficult to soothe, signs of sensory regulatory issues, early signs of an autistic spectrum disorder or postpartum depression. The infant-parent model was first described by Selma Fraiberg, one of the founders in the field of infant mental health, who developed mental health treatment approaches for infants, toddlers and their families. This approach is the optimal course of treatment when symptoms are seen in infants and toddlers. Rather than treating the infant alone, the parent and child are seen together as a couple, with the focus on the relationship. Early intervention can help alter the course of the emotional and physical development of the infant and positively impact the psychological well-being of the parent and family.

My unique background as both a depth psychotherapist/Jungian Analyst and Pediatric Occupational Therapist allows me to assess the infant's neurodevelopmental, sensory processing and regulatory profile as well as attend to the psychological issues of attachment to treat the infant/toddler and family from an integrated and holistic perspective.