Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Analysis

Children usually find it difficult to translate the fullness or depth of their experiences into words, so when working with a child we typically talk and play together. This may also include the use of drawing and other art materials, puppets, sandplay, drama, dolls, playhouse, and other carefully selected toys and games. As in adult psychotherapy, child therapy is a confidential relationship, though with younger children, parental or family involvement is an essential part of the process. A child's optimal development and healing is dependent on caregivers being able to understand more fully the child's experience. Part of my work is to help parents and families to support their child through difficulties and to develop insight into dynamics within the family that may be contributing to the current situation. In order to provide this support, parents or caregivers are usually involved in a separate, once-a-month parenting-oriented collaborative session.

In my practice, I also work with pre-teens, adolescents and young adults. Adolescence is an exciting, creative yet turbulent time of life. Teenagers may need help in understanding and expressing their stresses and concerns in a constructive manner. Risky or dangerous behavior can be a hallmark of adolescence when there is not an adequate avenue for understanding their developing feelings. I have found that forming a good rapport and a solid working alliance with a teen is paramount for a successful therapeutic experience.

I have in-depth experience working with: