You may seek out depth-oriented psychotherapy or Jungian Analysis when you have hit an impasse in your life. This may be experienced as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, job stress, or somatic complaints. For others it could be a feeling of meaninglessness, spiritual issues, a creative block, illness or bereavement.

Children and adolescents may have difficulties at home or in school with behavior or peer relationships. There could be developmental stresses, trauma, loss of a loved one, adoption, or adjustment to divorce, while at other times there may not be a clear explanation for the level of a child's distress.

My expertise and work is grounded in years of in-depth training, education and extensive clinical experience that addresses these concerns.

Healing, growth and living an authentic life are dependent on understanding and integrating our life experiences. This process of transformation and healing is most effective when in the context of an empathic relationship based on honesty, mutual respect and responsibility along with a commitment to an unfolding process. A valuable aspect of the psychotherapy process is reconnecting to and unveiling vital, yet lost or hidden sparks of wisdom within that allow us to live a fuller and more balanced life.

My approach is relational and interactive, focusing on feelings that may come up between us as well as an exploration of significant aspects of your daily life, memories of the past, relationship patterns, along with developing a relationship to the symbolic images that arise from dreams, fantasies, play, sandplay or other spontaneous forms of creative expression.

My belief is that symptoms are not simply a sign of pathology, but rather a meaningful communication as well about our situation. They can present an opportunity for deepening awareness, growth and transformation. Essential to the way I work are the qualities of authenticity, depth, insight, imagination, and integrity.